From the Kitchen

Nightly Shumai
house-made steamed dumplings, thai sweet chili dipping sauce

Japanese Seared Scallops
baby carrot puree, sautéed baby kale, crispy parsnip chips, microgreens

Sumiso Mustard Salmon
whole grain mustard sweet miso glaze,broccolini, pickled hon shimeji mushrooms

Pan Seared Colorado Striped Bass
baby bok choy, hon shimeji & shitake mushrooms, carrots, udon noodles in lobster broth

Seared Duck Breast
orange miso glaze, roasted sweet potato purée, arugula & fennel salad, crispy brussels sprouts

Braised “Boneless” Short Ribs
parsnip mash, hoisin demi-glace, parsnip crisps

10 oz Wagyu New York Strip
hoisin demi-glace, truffle mashed potatoes, ponzu butter baby bok choy

16 oz Black Angus Bone-In Ribeye
japanese risotto, seasonal mushrooms, creamy lobster sauce

Specialty Teriyakis
char-grilled with wok-seared vegetables

Marinated Chicken Breast
7 oz Black Angus Flat Iron Steak
Scottish Salmo



seared spicy edamame
crispy parmesan brussels sprouts
truffle mashed potatoes
braised baby bok choy