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Aspen Menu – House Favourites

Yellowtail and Otoro Serrano
Kenichi’s signature sashimi specialty, the hint of truffle oil in the basil yuzu soy beautifully compliments the richness of the yellowtail fish.

When in season, we offer serrano style with the Otoro cut of Bluefin Tuna. This prime cut of tuna melts in your mouth and puts this dish at the top of our house favorites.

Yellowtail Serrano - Kenichi Aspen Menu

Wagyu Hot Rock
Our Chef heats up a cooking stone to 1000°. Served with thinly sliced Snake River Wagyu, You sear the steak on the 1000° Hot Rock at the table.

Wagyu Hot Rock - Kenichi Aspen Menu

Tuna Tataki
Seared and served with shaved scallions, homemade kosho garlic soy and scallion oil. Rich sauces pair with wild caught Big-Eye Tuna creating a memorable marriage of flavor.

Tuna Tataki - Kenichi Aspen Menu

Dynamo And Greentail
Our most popular rolls. The Dynamo takes a spicy tuna roll adds serrano pepper for an extra kick and tops it with tuna, avocado, and teriyaki sauce. The Greentail has yellowtail, tempura asparagus, topped with avocado and basil yuzu-infused soy sauce.

Sushi Rolls - Greentail & Dynamo - Kenichi Aspen Menu

Take out

Kenichi Aspen takes take-out orders from 5 p.m. on the day of on a first-call, first-served basis. The dinner menu is available except for select items that cannot be taken out.

During peak business times, when the restaurant is fully booked, we cannot take any extra take-out orders and will cut off orders for the evening. Due to this, unfortunately, orders cannot be held for a time later in the evening or called in for a future date.