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Izakaya Carbondale Menu – House Favourites

This Japanese style fried chicken is pretty much on every table in the restaurant. Boneless, skin on, chicken thighs. Marinated for 24 hours in Tamari, ginger and scallions. Dredged in potato starch and double fried to give it an unbelievable crispy and juicy experience.

Izakaya Carbondale Menu - Karaage

Pork Buns
The Pork buns are a staple on almost every local’s list of must-haves. Whole Kurobuta pork belly. Rubbed down with cardamom, cinnamon, lemongrass, and spices. Served in a classic steamed Bao Bun with house made miso pickles and citrus kewpie.

Izakaya Carbondale Menu - Pork Buns

The Yosanabe hotpot is the silent assassin on our menu. Full of complex flavors, shrimp, beef, and pork belly, it is one not to be missed.

Izakaya Carbondale Menu - Yosenabe

Miso Black Cod
The Izakaya Black Cod is a savory and flavorful dish with sustainability caught Alaskan Black Cod, Shiitake mushrooms, and baby bok choy, pan fried and finished with tamari, yuzu, and truffle salt.

Izakaya Carbondale Menu - Miso Black Cod

Yellowtail Serrano
The Kenichi classic is one that we had to have on the Izakaya menu. Its clean and fresh flavors with a touch of spice will leave you craving more!

Izakaya Carbondale Menu - Yellowtail Serrano

Izakaya Carbondale – Take out

Izakaya Carbondale takes take-out orders from 5 pm on the day of on a first-call, first-serve basis. The dinner menu, except for select items which cannot be taken out, is available.

During peak business times when the restaurant is fully booked, we are not able to take any extra take-out orders and will cut off orders for the evening. Due to this, unfortunately, orders cannot be held for a time later in the evening or called in for a future date.